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Schools 1824

These extracts are taken from
"Schools of Kildare & Leighlin " by Rev M.Brennan Education Professor ,NUI Maynooth published 1935
His sources were :
1.   Royal Commission returns from all Parish Priests and Ministers 1824
2.   Blue Book Summary 1826
Parish:Rosenallis,Reary and Clonaslee
(United until 1828)
(Thady Dunne P.P. 1811-1828)

John Dunne .Opened1820;held through the year ,Sundays and Holydays excepted. Roman Catholic is,the founder of the school. 50 years of age; of a good character; teaches Reading,Writing, and Arithmetic;educated in the town of Mountmelick in the Queen's County. Income about £6 in the year paid by the scholars' Parents. School-house: the wall built with stone and lime, and thatched, 18 feet long and 15 feet wide; one of a similar construction would cost £12;
there are two tables and four seats or forms. In (connexion with) no Society. School-master sole Proprietor.
Average attendance:   '
(a)   Summer 1824 -Males 26, Females 12; Protestants 2, Roman Catholics 36.
(b)   Last. winter, 8.
(c)   Summer 1823, 3°.
10 in- 20 read; average time to make a child read from
6 to 9 months.
Books~.History of Useful Arts and  Manufactures, Moral Story Teller, Christopher Columbus,, 2 Robinson Crusoes, Saint Luke's Acts, History of the  12 Scholars, Esop's Fables, 2 Death of Abel, Pennsylvania
Spelling Books, 2 Think Well On It, 6 Universal Spelling
Books, 3 Double do., 4 Child's New Plaything, 6
Primmers, 2 Reading Made Easy, 4 Gough's Arithmetic,
Child's New Guide, 6 Catholic Catechisms, One: New  Testament, Protestant Version.
JOHN MAHER, Teacher. 'The school was opened on 9th January. last ; held ,since on every day, Sundays and
Holydays excepted, and will be continued to during the year. The, Teacher is a Roman Catholic; commenced
school last January without any appointment or patron.John Maher's age is 43 years; is of a good moral and
religious character ; teaches Spelling, Reading, Writing,Arith.metic, English Grammar, Book-keeping, Geometry
Mensuration, Algebra, etc.; educated in the Queen'sCounty. As the Teacher is only on his first year and
has not been paid by the scholars, he is uncertain what the total annual income :may be; the only income he
;   expects is that arising' from the scholars' payments,which are as follows: Spelling 2S. 2d., Reading 2s.2d.,
Writing 3s. 3d., .Arithmetic 4s. 4d, each of the other branches 9s. per quarter ;6 are taught free.
Schoolhouse.-; John Maher's own -house is very small, consisting of  only two rooms ;therefore he is obliged to teach the children partly in one of the two rooms, which is about 14 by 13 feet, and partly in the yard, not having sufficient house-room; a comfortable house, sufficiently large for the number of scholars that at present attend could not be constructed for less than from £40 to £50 ;"the Teacher pays £3 yearly rent for the house in which he teaches.
Not connected with any Association, Society, Institutions, Confraternities, Convent, or Religious Orders.
This school' has no' patron or "superintendant as yet. Neither is it regularly visited by "either Protestant or Catholic clergyman. Average attendance:
(a)   Summer 1824--Males 55, Females' 23; Established Church 6, Roman Catholics 72.
(b)   Last winter-commenced only the,. latter part of winter.
15, in 20 can read; 'in general the children, can read here in 6 months. The books are 7 Primmers, 46 Spelling Books, 10 Reading Made Easy, I on Medi ta tion, I on the Love of God, 2 Robinson Crusoes, I on the Tales of the Castle, I New Testament, English Church; I Scripture History, 3 Histories of England, I Gaptain Bligh, On the Sagacity of Animals, I st Mary of Egypt, I Tales of Truth, I on the Stations of the Cross, 30 Catho]ic Catechisms, ,6 Protestant do., 2 on Book keeping, 8 Goughs, 4 Vasters, I English Grammar.
Observations.-No ,steps have been taken either toinduce Protestants to become' Catholics, 'or Catholics   ,"
to, become Protestants, save only that Samuel Dunne, Esq., having 3 natural children by a Catholic woman,
, gave strict orders that in future these children should neither have the Catholic Catechism nor go to Chapel,
but should regularily go to Church.

WILLIAM KEENAHAN, Teacher. Commenced 23rd of last February; continued since every day, Sundays and
Holydays excepted. Keenahan is a Roman Catholic ;"appointed by none. Aged 26 years; taught in Kilbeggan
and Tullamore; brought a good character with him"coming to this Parish, and conducted himself well since.
Uncertain as to the annual income, not being yet a year in the place, and expects nothing but the scholars'
payments which are as follows: Spelling IS. 8d.,Reading 28. 2d., Writing 2S. 6d., Arithmetic 3s. 3d.
The house is 30 feet by I2 without desks or forms;but a poor thatched cabin; a better house could be
built for about £12. Not connected with any of the above Associations. No patron, nor regularily visited
by any person. Taken under no superintendant as yet.
Average attendance:
(a)   Summer I824-Males 31, Females 12; Established Church I, Roman Catholics 42.
(b) Had 20 at the commencement.   '
(c)   Summer 1823, not in this Parish ,then.,
6 in 20 can read; it would take a 10 months ,to make a child read.
JOHN ,DOWLING, Teacher. Commenced in 1822. No school in winter. Is a Roman Catholic; no appointment. 22 years of age; good character; educated jn
Killoughy in the King's County. Income same as in
previous school. Not connected with any Association. No Fa tron or regulal. visitor. Average attendance:
(a)   'Summer I824-Ma]es 18, Females 13; Roman
Ca tholics 31   
(b)   Summer 1823, 36.
3 in 20 can read ;, average about 10 months to make a child read. Books-4 copies Fenning's Spelling Books,
I Volume of the Adventurer, 10 Primmers, 5 Catholic Catechisms, 2 Voster's Arithmetic.
 Observations.-No steps taken to make proselytes.

ELIZA MARTIN. Opened about 1810; held through the year, Sundays and Holydays excepted. Roman Catholic Religion. 50 years of age; very good character; educated in said Parish. Income: promised 2 pence per week. House 13 feet by 10; probably cost £5. Not connected with any Association. No patron or visitor. Average attendance:
(a)   Summer I824---Males 3, Females 3;
Catholics 6.
(b)   Last -winter, no school.
..Summer 1823, 8.

Daniel Smith. Roman Catholic . Pay school.Income about £6.Schoolhouse built with mud and stone.
Average attendance: Summer 1824 Males 24 females 16
Roman Catholics 40
Not connected with any Society .Not stated re reading scriptures.

CLONASLEE. Christian Doctrine School
THE REv. T.DuNNE, Parish Priest, REV. WILLIAM KEENAN, Coadjutor. Held on Sundays and Holydays. The hours of attendance are from 10 to II o'clock in the forenoon of the' Winter' season, from 3 to 5 in the afternoon of the Summer season. Rev. T. Dunne about 62 years of age; Rev. William Keenan is about 3.1 years of age. Held in the Chapel of Clonaslee. In connexion with the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament and Christian Doctrine, established'- about 34 years past,
out of which Masters and Mistresses are appointed by Parish Priest and members. Patrons: Parish Priest and his Curate for the time being; under their
tendence since their appointment to the Average attendance:
(a)   Summer 1824-Males 240, Females 200 ; Roman
Catholics 440
(b)   Last winter, 200.
(c)   Summer 1823, 400
 , .
The Library consists of 16 Volumes of pious books with
ample catechisms.

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